Loro Parque (Transfer)

This excursion gives you the opportunity to visit Loro Parque, the town of Puerto de la Cruz, or both. In an area of 13000 hectares, you are able to experience some of the most exotic animals and species in the world. These include penguins, dolphins, sea lions, parrots, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, jaguars, sharks, coral reefs, tropical fishes, Canarian fishes, flamingos, tortoises, and many more. Reconstruction of their natural habitat has been achieved and their diet matches “the real thing”. Their well being is very carefully monitored by Loro Parque’s in-house vets and assistants. Gathering such a variety of fauna from all continents has two aims: Firstly, to keep animals having conservations problems in nature, in order to create a “genetic reserve” and, secondly to spread a love message on behalf of nature to all our visitors. Those clients who do not want to visit Loro Parque, will have free time to enjoy one of the most touristic cities in the Canary Islands, Puerto de la Cruz.
-This excursion is not guided. Guides are only on board for transfer purposes.
-Lunch is not included.
-Loro Parque ticket is included in the price.