Catamaran Bonadea II

At time and with all the passengers boarded, we start sailing to the west. Sailing to see whales, you can see dolphins jumping and playing on the front side of de boat, we sail till 3 miles of distance from the coast.
Once we are near, we reduce the velocity till stop the catamaran. We reserve a prudential distance not to disturb them. It is time to take pictures and have the best natural images of whales on your video camera.
The Crew will serve you fresh drinks and we will go back to the port sailing very near to the coast where you can appreciated fabulous views of beaches, the best luxury hotels, Palmar, Los Cristianos, Costa-Adeje, El Teide, etc.

This is one is like the first one but with the difference that before whalewatching we will continue our adventure to a natural cove where the catamaran docks.
It’s time to swim, snorkel and have snacks, fruits and fresh drinks, served by our crew (food and beverages included on the price).
Finally the boat goes back to the port sailing very near to the coast, to admire the fabulous views of beaches and luxury hotels of Costa-Adeje.

-Free Drinks.

Departure Point
-Puerto Colón, Pantoon nº 4

*Children under 4 years are free